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BiNY Obtain Two Software Copyrights

2017-08-28 BiNY Read

This month, BiNY obtained another two software copyright certificates — High Mast Intelligent Control System & Intelligent Energy Saving Control System.


Being an indispensable part of BiNY's VeryLargeSpace Lighting and IIoL(Industrial Internet of Lights) solution, the copyright of High Mast Intelligent Control is a wide-range wireless control software developed on cutting-edge communication technologies to work on series of unlicensed RF covering a very large area to meet the requirements of IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) projects with immunity of electromagnetic interference. 

Intelligent Energy Saving Control System is a package of energy saving control software developed by BiNY with specific overseas market as its target and is suitable for the energy saving needs of high-end and large commercial complex.

BiNY has a youth-oriented software R&D team with strong ability in tackling key technical problems. The series of products developed by them constitute an important component of our company’s core competition ability.

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