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India’s top terminal operator adopts Biny’s products

2018-08-20 BiNY Read


Adani Group, India’s top terminal operator will adopt BiNY’s lighting products for its first automation terminal to be completed at Vizhinjam Port, south India.



BiNY will supply a package LED lights for Adani’s STS and ARMG to be manufactured by ZPMC. The contract covers 400W floodlights (shock-absorption), 200 floodlights (shock-absorption) and varieties of walkway lamps. It marks BiNY’s entry into the huge, emerging and developing sub-continent country.



Tough lighting product under harsh environment like ports is one of BiNY’s core competitiveness. It took technicians of BiNY half a decade to develop reliable and long-lasting premium-quality LED lights with shock-absorption devices, corrosion-proof coating, multiple optical beam angles and optional stainless-steel bracket for easy manual installation.


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