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Another National Industry Standard Co-formulated by BiNY Issued

2018-08-06 BiNY Read

“Technical Requirements on High Mast Lighting at Port”(JT/T 1214-2018), the second national terminal industry standard jointly formulated by The Planning & Design Institute of Water Transportation(PDIWT) of CCCC and BiNY has been officially issued by the Ministry of Communication & Transportation of China recently, taking effect as from 1st August 2018.


The standard, a manifestation of intelligent manufacturing in China in accordance with “China 2025 Manufacturing  Plan”proposed by the central government, reflects the latest technical innovations and achievement of the lighting system at the terminal industry.



The formulating job kicked off in 2014 by technical representatives from PDIWT and BiNY. Investigating terminal sites, consulting terminal operators and being expounded with peers from research units and universities, representatives finally drafting the same after 4 years tough input on the basis of greatest consensus of the industry in China, world’s largest single market of high mast lighting and the forefront of technical innovation at the niche market.



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