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Shanghai Famous Brand Honor Awarded to BiNY for the 3rd Time

2018-01-12 BiNY Read

Recently, BiNY won the honor of "Shanghai Famous Brand" for the 3rd time.


On December 31st, 2017, Shanghai Famous Brand Recommendation Committee released to the public its complete list of winners of “Shanghai Famous Brand” for Year 2017, including 572 enterprises as well as 608 products or service items.

The honor, started in 1994 by Shanghai Famous Brand Recommending Committee, aims at strengthening the metropolitan’s branding strategy. The committee evaluate such key factors as reputation, leading position, service level, innovation and core-competitiveness of excellent enterprises selected.


Branding is one of BiNY's core strategies. BiNY will prompt its products and service with its brand both inbound and outbound for the rapid development in the global market.

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